Condo Associations and Property Managers

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Condominium Association board members, association attorneys, apartment and condominium property managers are often charged with ensuring that the properties within their control are properly insured in the event that disaster strikes. Sinkholes, fires, windstorms, and other perils can lead to the brink of financial disaster if adequate insurance that is properly constructed is not in place. The attorneys of LeValley Napolitano McMenamin & Shuttera, P.L. often meet with condominium association boards, property managers, and condominium association attorneys to provide presentations as to the types of insurance necessary, the claims processes, and the current state of Florida law involving property claims. We can also provide an evaluation of the insurance currently in place. In the event that your association or organization wishes to schedule an appointment to discuss one or more of these topics, we would be happy to arrange a convenient time and place to meet to discuss your particular issues, including any pending claims. The economy has caused significant hurdles to arise for many condominium and property managers, and insurance issues can further complicate the financial status of these organizations in the event that disaster strikes. Please feel free to call or contact us today to schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys.

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