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Each year the threat of windstorms or hurricanes looms off the coast of Florida. In recent years, the state has enjoyed a break from the significant hurricane activity suffered by the state in 2004 and 2005. Each hurricane season, government officials urge the public not to take the threat of hurricanes lightly and to prepare their families for a potential natural disaster. In the unfortunate event that a natural disaster strikes, insurance claims can be difficult and frustrating to handle and this firm strives to provide personalized service in a comfortable environment in an attempt to alleviate some of the stresses involved with the aftermath of such natural disasters.

If you believe your insurance company is not treating you fairly, deal with them politely and confirm everything in writing. Take careful notes of who said what to you, and try to get the company to respond in writing. This may be the point at which you would like to get an attorney involved. We invite you to ask us questions about your hurricane insurance claim, for free.

Unlike insurance company claims adjusters who are paid to keep claim costs down, we will make sure you get all the benefits you have been paying for with your premiums. Your insurance company owes you a duty of good faith dealing with your hurricane insurance claim.

After a hurricane claim has been filed, most homeowners’ policies cover additional living expenses such as food and housing costs, telephone or utility installation costs in a temporary residence, extra transportation costs to and from work or school, relocation and storage expenses and furniture rental for a temporary residence. Your insurance company will usually advance you money for these expenses. The payments will be part of the final claim settlement.

Hurricane Attorney for Windstorm & Hurricane Damage Disputes

We know that you work hard to keep your property looking good to provide a safe and comfortable environment. The law offices of Levalley & Napolitano, P.L. have over ten years experience working on property cases involving hurricane insurance claims, and our goal is to help you protect your investment by assisting you in obtaining a recovery from your insurance company for your damages.

Our firm is committed to providing the best services possible and we would be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your rights as a property owner and insurance policy holder, and assist you with navigation of the often difficult process of pursuing a hurricane insurance claim. Call 727-848-8488 or submit the contact us form available on all pages of this website. You will be contacted by a member of our staff to obtain additional information and to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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