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  • Our firm provides services, representation and counsel for...
  • Personal injury
  • Auto accident
  • Wrongful death
  • Medical malpractice
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Slip & fall
  • Products liability
  • Dog bites

When you have been injured due to someone else's negligence you urgently need legal representation. The greatest mistake you can make is to not seek and obtain this representation. The sooner we are engaged the sooner we can start looking out for your legal interests. Our role and the legal services we can provide are described in the following paragraphs.

What is Personal Injury Law?

A Personal Injury case arises when a person suffers an injury, either physical or mental as a result of the conduct of another person.

The two most common personal injury cases are automobile accidents and slip and falls. However, dog bites, boating accidents, victims of crime, nursing home negligence, and wrongful deaths are also common personal injury cases.

While almost all cases allow for a recovery for medical bills and lost wages, these personal injury cases allow the jury to award you damages for your "pain and suffering". This includes things such as loss of enjoyment of life and loss of consortium. While the lawsuit is usually filed against the person who caused the injuries, the damages are usually covered by insurance.

Longshore and Workers Compensation cases do not allow for the recovery of pain and suffering and are limited to lost wages and medical care.

If you were injured on the job, you may still be able to file a personal injury lawsuit if your injury was caused by someone not employed by your company.

Whether you are the victim of a crime, or the victim of an accident, your personal injury case needs personal and expert attention from beginning to end.

If you're going for Washington divorce online, you should speak with an attorney immediately. Some of the earliest decisions you make on your road to recovery can have the greatest effect on your case and your legal rights.

The insurance company has attorneys on staff working full time solely to benefit their company. Their loyalty, and the loyalty of the adjusters, are to the insurance company, NOT to you.

Our main office is located in New Port Richey with easy access to all of the surrounding Tampa Bay area. When you contact our office, you will be able to speak to your attorney within minutes, not days.

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